iXpand not working with iPad Air 2

I have a brand new iXpand drive that works fine with iPhone 6 & iPad Air but not with iPad Air 2.

I have downloaded the app on to the iPad.

When i insert the drive into the iPad Air 2  i either get the following message or i get nothing.

Cannot Use Device

Apple Embedded  USB Device: The connected device is not supported.

Can anyone advise on how to fix this?



dosen’t the iPad 2 have the 30 pin connector? If so the iXpand will not work through an adaptor. it only works with iOS devices that natively have the lightning connector. 

@drlucky wrote:

dosen’t the iPad 2 have the 30 pin connector?

According to Apple’s specs, the iPad Air 2 does indeed have a lightning connector.


both ipads mentioned have the new connectors.

Sorry i read the post wrong (iPad 2 i missed the Air) 

What iOS verison is the Air 2 running?