iXpand not working on iPhone 7 ios 10

Using both iPhone7 and 7+, ios 10.0 and 10.2 - iXpand not detected in the app.

Already tried on my mac and working fine, worked in my iPhone 6 as well.

Any idea? thanks.

Try power cycling the phones and try again. see the knowledge base article below. 


Hi mate,

Tried with my 7 and 7 + no luck.

Something strange.

Confirm that the ixpand has the latest firmware update (Ver. 4.5.1) and App Updated too (Ver. 2.0.0).

you have the most current

Yeh… for thealmogg to cross check whether hes on the same Versions.

I own an iphone 7 and iPad Air 2, didnt have a problem with ios 10 though until the app got updated and import option failed to work.