iXpand Music Out of Order

Whenever I try to upload music on my case, it always shows up out of order.

Since I have a lot of live albums, this makes for a mismatched listen experience.

Any way to fix this problem? I tried it on album and artist mode, and both are out of order.

it uses the ID3 tags to sort the files. Check them and make sure they are all filled out and correct. 

ID3 is the problem.

All 6,000-plus of my music is in MP4 format, which is what iTunes uses natively. And, MP4 uses XMP and not ID3.

My only conclusion is that MP4 files can technically play on iXpand, but it just won’t read the tags because it uses XMP. And, it doesn’t appear that iXpand recognizes XMP. I’m a programmer myself, and it isn’t that complicated to recognize XMP. Heck, Windows XP and later even recognizes XMP.