iXpand crashing with video

Hi. I have had this a couple of years and it’s been great but now its stopped working. Every time I open up the video folder it displays the videos for a few seconds and then shuts down. It does this on both my ipad and my iphone. Can anyone help?

what version of the iXpand drive app are you using? If not the latest version I would suggest updating the app. Also what type of video file are you trying to play? if you can let us know the codec that would be helpful. 

Hi. I am using version 4.8.1. It says its the latest version. Video is MP4.

what is the source of the video file? Do you see the same issue of you try to play videos shot on the iphone? do you have any other video type like avi or mkv? if so do you see the same issue?

If you can PM me a link to the file causing the issue. I tried a few different MP4 files and am not seeing the issue. 

Hi. I have MP4 and MKV on there and probably 20 files in total.  I have taken them all off and when putting them back on found a stray AVI file which it didnt seem to like. 

So seems to not be crashing now the avi file is removed although now comes up with a message telling me to download Sanisk TopReel?

they released a new video playback app for non native codecs. avi is not supported by iOS so you will need an app that can play avi files. I got a coupone code from the ixpand drive app and got topreel for free. It is a nice app. in that notification follow the link and you should get a coupon code as well and give topreel a try. 

Thanks for the advice. I will give it a try.

I have also encountered some of the same problems and are trying to handle it.


(https://apkplay.co/)] Game

I have also encountered some of the same problems and are trying to handle it. :cry:

hi there, i am experiencing the same problem and i came accross this forum thread. could you help me find the coupon to get Top Reel for free please? it would be greatly appreciated!

thanks and regards


the app will provide the coupon when you attempt to play a non natively supported video. It will take you through the process of redeeming the provided code.