iXpand App Update 1.4.2 - Select + button freezes screen and crashes app

After deleting the SanDisk iXpand app version 1.4.1 from both my iPad Air and my iPad Pro and then restarting the devices - and then downloading and installing the latest iXpand app 1.4.2 (available today 3/4) I’m still having problems with the app crashing.

I have over 30,000 photos - way too many to auto back up.  But I do want to select individual photos and albums from the Photos app on my IOS devices.  Every time I “touch/tap” the red + button at the bottom of the SanDisk app to try and select individual photos or videos the IOS device screen freezes and then within 5-10 seconds the app crashes and returns me to the home screen.

Does the red + button work for any of you using IOS 9.2.1 on iPhones or iPads?  Have any of your reported this as a problem to SanDisk technical support and received a solution.

It seems to me to be a permissions problem.  I would think that the app would require permission to allow it to access photos on the camera roll and within the Photos app.

Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance! - Tom


If I go into IOS settings and goto the settings for iXpand I notice that there are on/off sliders for giving permission to access contacts and photos.  Both are currently turned “ON” (green).

If I turn “OFF” (not green) the permission setting for photos and then goto iXpand and press the red + button the screen changes to allow me to select individual photos or albums. But… on photos or albums are displayed.

If I then go back to IOS settings and then to the settings for iXpand and slide the photos permission button back to “ON” (green) the app freezes and then crashes.

I had hoped that refreshing the photos permission buttons in settings for iXpand would solve the problem. Nope. 

Now it works!  Simply update your IOS devices to SanDisk iXpand App Update to version 1.6.1 (newest release as of 3/14/2016) and now the Select + button works.  After updating the app you may want to go into -> Settings ->iXpanD Sync and make sure both Contacts and Photos (allow access to…) and turned on (green).

Now I can select any photo from my collection of over 30,000 and copy the original to any folder on the iXpand drive that I want. Perfect!!!  No more crashing!!!

BTW:  You may have to wait a few second (depending on the size of your photos library) for the first screen of your photos to come up.  With my 30,000 I wait around 30 seconds.  You can view the entire library, or you can look at individual folders of your IOS photos library.  Very nice.

Thanks SanDisk coders for getting this issue fixed! 

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