iXpand app optimised for iPhone X screen when?

The iPhone X has been out months now but still the iXpand app isn’t optimised, as in fills the screen, for the iPhone X.

This means that playing videos via the app from files on the iXpand are not full screen.

When Sandisk will this be updated please? From a major manufacturer iwas hoping it would be by now.

Also.seems still to be a lot of issues with iPhone X and not being recognised reading the forum. Is there any updates for this please?


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No one bothered? Is iXpand an old unsupported product now?

How can a large company like Sandisk not be bothered to even update the app for a top end popular iPhone that’s now been out for now than 4 months?

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It’s unbelievable that a company like Sandisk does not keep its apps up 2 date. I mean, really? After 6 months and several releases, no full screen support yet for iPhone X?

These companies don’t understand that, since they release products combining hardware and software, their reputation doesn’t rely only on the hardware anymore but also on the quality and sustainability of the software. I, as a costumer, want to know that, if I buy an Sandisk pen drive, 5 years from now, I shall be able to use it not only because the hardware is still functional but because the related piece of software still works.

Anyhow, I trust they will release support soon

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