I ran the SMC installer. It tells me IVIAUDIO.AX has not been registered properly, but does finish.

Whenever I run SMC it errors and drops out a varying time after opening. Sometimes straight away, sometimes not for a few minutes (long enough on ONE occasion to actually use it to convert something to the Fuze - albeit with lip-sync issues about 20mins in).

I have run the SMC installer several times. That hasnt solved it, but then I havent changed anything so didnt expect it to.

Solution anybody?

I’m not sure what the issue could be with the SMC installer. However, the manual procedure to register iviaudio.ax is to first close all running Windows applications, copy iviaudio.ax into your Windows system folder, open up a DOS window (start, run cmd), cd into c:\windows\system then type the following line:

regsvr32 /s iviaudio.ax

Hope it helps.