I've got a problem; I don't like my sansa express (europ...

I’ve got a problem;

I don’t like my sansa express (european version, with no radio) which I have bought 6 days ago, so I want to send it back. The problem is: I did a firmware update, not by the general sansa firmware updater but by installing some (unofficial) files what made it possible for me to use the radio. But now, I am afraid, when I send it back they wo’nt accept my sansa, because of this changed version. Is it possible to put the old, no-radio, firmware version back on my sansa express?

who are you trying to send it back too? If it’s sandisk, they wont take the player back just for that reason. The only reason they’ll do an RMA is if its defective… If it’s not sandisk… I doubt the company is going to know that you changed the f.w… or check for that matter.