Is the clip itunes compatible??

Nope.  iTunes is strictly for iPods.  :-)  Would be nice to be able to use it, though!  (someone could potentially write a virtual device driver that pretends to be an iPod, but then converts the sync date to send to the MTP that’s really connected, might violate Apple’s terms of use, though)

***Please search and look at older posts, many topics were answered around Thanksgiving during the last wave of Clip purchases.  :wink:

I thought a friend who uses iTunes told me that if you downloaded in aac format, you could re-download in MP3 format (if they are not DRM protected).  If so, those songs then could be dragged and dropped from one’s computer to the Clip. (Caveat:  just what I’ve heard; I don’t use it.)

Ohhh… use iTunes to buy music. 

(there might be a reason I never thought of that, but I’ll keep that to myself)