??? iTunes to Sansa Clip ???

 “Play List” or “Music” from iTunes (PC) to Sansa Clip [all my music files are MP3s)

Anyone ever try this?


I use my clip and iTunes with the iTunes Agent (http://ita.sourceforge.net/).  It does require .Net Framework 2.0 or greater.  There is a small amount of setup to have the iTunes Agent know how to recognize your clip and where to put files on the clip. 

To operate, instead of starting iTunes, start the iTunes Agent.  The ITA will start iTunes and leave an icon in the system tray.  From their you can drag and drop to your device in iTunes like an Apple product.  You will have to click on the iTunes Agent in the system tray to actually sync to your clip.

If your files are aleady in MP3 format you dont even need a program. If you want you can use what was suggested in wootclip’s post, or you can use Windows Media Player, WinAmp, or Media Monkey or whatever. Or even better yet you can go program less and drag and drop.

I have a Sansa Clip+ and am trying to use iTunes Agent.  How exactly did you fill in the fields Music Location on Device and Recognize by folder/file?

IA will not allow me to choose Internal Memory/Music when I browse for Music Location on Device.

Again, the ok button is greyed-out seemingly no matter what I choose when browsing for Recognize by folder/file.