iTunes file conversion

Hi there, I downloaded Switch software to convert my itunes music to mp3 which worked well, except it was just a 30 day trial.  Can anyone tell me about a filer converter software that is free and does not expire?  The ones I can find are not free.  I have to admit I am starting to regret this purchase, as it’s turning out to be way more work than I want a music player to be … thanks for your help.

I like LameXP

You’re blaming SanDisk for your purchase of an inferior product? It’s like saying you ate a bunch of food and now you regret having to exercise to work it off.

Why don’t you use Itunes? I ripped my cd’s with itunes when I han an ipod. After purchasing Sansa Clip, I used itunes to make exact copies of mp3 files. Itunes library then shows the same file with two different extensions. You can move these mp3 files from itunes to any folder. To me, it worked perfectly.