iTunes Agent

Does anyone have experience with the iTunes Agent to use a Sansa mp3 player with iTunes and Windows 7:

I would prefer to use iTunes instead of Windows Media Player 12 to create and copy playlists to my Clip Zip.

Here is how I update podcasts on my SanDisk Sansa m250.

-I use iTunes for managing podcasts.

-Podcast audio files are downloaded into a folder under “My Music”.

-The Sansa is configured for run in MSC mode. This means the player will show up as a USB disk on the desktop computer when plugged in.(Allway Sync, file synchronizer that works).

-I synchronize podcasts (and music, by the way) on my computer with the SanDisk Sansa using Allway Sync . This is a fantastic utility that can support many scenarios but works especially well with USB devices like the Sansa. Allway Sync is configured to automatically synchronize files on my Windows 2007 computer with the Sansa (which shows up as a USB disk drive) whenever it detects the player is connected.

-I have two synchronization jobs configured: The audio files in the iTunes podcast folder are synchronized with a folder on the Sansa.

-A folder containing my music is synchronized with a folder on the Sansa (more on this setup some other time). Some things to consider with this setup: I have to be careful and be sure to subscribe to feeds providing files in MP3 format.

-Sometimes this take a little extra work like going to the podcaster’s website, finding the MP3 subscription link and adding the feed manually to iTunes. -

iTunes is configured to automatically launch upon Windows startup. I also minimize iTunes to the system tray so it can run continuously. Once a week I mark all of my iTunes feeds as played. Otherwise, iTunes assumes they are not being used (they aren’t, from iTunes’ perspective).

-The Sansa takes a long time (seems like a couple of minutes) to turn on and get to the first menu after synchronization. I assume this is due to it rebuilding indexes and discovering new content. So the sequence of events I go through to update the Sansa with new podcasts is: Plug in the Sansa player into a USB port on the desktop computer. Come back in a couple of minutes and click on the little icon in the system tray that allows you to safely remove USB devices. To see if there are new podcasts I bring up Allway Sync by double-clicking on it’s icon in the system tray and look in the “New File” section. Once a week I mark all of my podcasts as “played”.