its won't turn on and the battery won't charge! (plz help before i go insane)


i woke up this morning and found my MP3 would not turn on. And i freaked out. so i went to plug it in the computer and when it charged it was ok… when i  went to check on it 4 hours later… it was still charging. even worse when i unplugged it it still did’nt turn on. its on charge atm… please someone help me before i lose it

Have you tried holding the power switch up for about 30 secs?

i have tried everything!

its been on charge for 5 hours and it says it has’nt charged at all

I have same issue. Just ordered another Sansa branded charging cable (see link below), not the cheap cables available out there, to see if that is the issue. If it is not then I’m assuming it’s a bad battery -which costs as much as a new player.