It's not over yet (Black Screen, a Dead Sansa? )

Recently I dropped my sansa fuze and now it’s stopped working alltogether.

I’ve done the reset thing and nothing has happened.

Is it broken?

It’s a bit amazing how much the Internet has supplanted the functions of the human brain. Lessee… I’ve got a gadget that was working. I’ve dropped it and now it’s stopped working. B-but… is it broken?! Gosh, that is just way too complicated for poor liddle me to figger out. I KNOW! I’LL ASK ON TEH INTARWEBZ! Mebbe some kind soul will also tell me if my brain is still working! YAH!

Can you get anything?

Can you connect it to the Computer?

Try holding the power button for 15-30 seconds.

Let me know if anything works?

The reset doesnt work.

The computer classifies it as just an UB storage device as opposed to before when it recognized it as a Sansa Fuze.

Are you getting any reaction out of it at all when not hooked up to ‘life-support’ (aka: the computer)? If the computer recognizes and/or charges it when connected, but you get no signs of life from it when on it’s own, it sounds like a lead could have been knocked loose from the battery during the fall.

I was going to say the same thing as Tapeworm said. Something may have just got dislogged when you dropped it.

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When I hook it to the computer it sometimes picks it up but it say its a USB storage device and says something about Formatting it.

Which leads me to believe according to the computer it’s completely blank.

You’re probably right some stuff was probably jumbled around during the fall.