It renamed the folders

So I was listening to an audiobook and it stopped playing suddenly. When I went to Books->Audiobooks it said “There are no books on this device” or something like that. I plugged it in and viewed the folders. 

The tracks are still there but all the sudden the folders have been renamed “AUFIOB~1”, “MUSIB”, and “RODCASTS” I kid you not. even the device is named “Cdir Sport”.

This player has been nothing but a disaster since I bought it, I hate it.

Thanks for the report.  And be assurred, an updated firmware is being worked on at present (altho unknown if it would help prevent the issue you had).  

On my own front, Windows 8 has spontaneously rebooted my computer at least 3 times in the last 12 hours, closing everything I’ve been working on in the process–and I hadn’t done anything to my system.  Computers–sigh.