It keeps removing my previous music I just added

I just purchased a Clip Zip MP3 and everytime I sync the device to add a new music album and try to add another it automatically removes the previous one I just added. Why is that? It is driving me crazy.

Whatever program (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.) you’re using is doing it, not the Zip. Check your program’s Sync settings.

Make sure you aren’t deleting the copies off your hard drive after you sync them. You have to leave all these in place otherwise when you plug in your player, WMP won’t see the same files on your computer, so it will delete them from your player.

Another reason why ‘sync’ stinks.

It almost certainly is the Sync settings–check that out in the music management software (Windows Media Player, etc.) that you are using.

Then if sync is not the way to go what is the best way to load your CD’s that you want to put on the player?

Then if sync is not the way to go what is the best way to load your CD’s that you want to put on the player?

I am using windows media player. I am not sure where to check the setting on it though. Do I need to change it to sync manually instead of automatically? The weird thing is that I don’t have the problem with another MP3 player that I have once I remove music from my hard drive. I only have this problem for this particualr MP3 player. 

Windows Media Player just confuses me.

Easiest way I’ve seen for file transfer:  simple copy and paste/drag and drop.  On yor computer, open the folder containing the folders/files you want to put on your player; select them (as many as you want); right click on them and choose copy (or go above to the menu listing and choose edit, copy); with your player connected to your computer, open the folder/level on the player where you want to put the files; and right click and choose paste (or go to the menu listing and choose edit, paste).

Voila!  1-2-3 and you’re done, and in charge the entire way.   :slight_smile:

By a long shot, the best  way to use Windows Media Player is without using the full auto sync.  You can do this by manually dragging your target music to the Sync pane on the right, then click on Sync files to device.

This is what I do when using many Sansas and several host PCs. Each one has a different media collection, as well as podcasts.  By going manually, you have control over whether the media will remain on the Sansa.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: