Issues With Photos

Just got a new (to me) Fuze 8GB Black v.2 .26FW (refurb off eBay $59 free shipping), so far LOVE IT! The only “issues” i’ve had with it are, I added a 2GB sd (it’s all I had, got an 8GB on the way), and used video4fuze to resize a BUNCH of photos (about 3000+), in addition to the 2000 songs, and the “refreshing your media” was stalling at about 90%. I found out (on here) about the 4000 file limit and the “fix” to 8000. So I pulled everything off, formatted, put it all back on, and it was still stalling at 90%. So I left it alone and started searching the net for answers, about ~10 min later, I saw the screen change out of the corner of my eye, and when I checked, it had refreshed/updated, and everything was there and working correctly. The only “problem” is that when I go into setting>info, it shows the number of photos as 0. Is this a known bug? Also, I’m assuming the “refreshing your media” stalling at 90% might just be the “known” bug of “media refresh progress bar not accurate”. Also, has there been any mention of allowing you to scan through photos with the wheel instead of (or in addition to) clicking the buttons left and right? Also, what’s the deal with playlist? I’ve heard of people haveing problems with them. I just D&D my folders over in MSC mode, that had  .m3u playlists in them (all made with WinAmp, some almost 10 years old) and they all showed up and worked fine. One other thing, then I’ll shut up. Are there any big improvements in the .28 FW? I know replay gain is screwed up, but I don’t use that anyway, all my music is “fixed” with Mp3Gain. So are there any benefits to the .28 FW or should I just stay with the .26?

The file count bug (photos, audiobooks) of the .26 build is a known issue, as well as a few other issues, like video resume.  The primary issue remaining with the latest .28 build is ReplayGain.  Other than the latter issue, the .28 build is just fine for your photos- and video, if you use this feature.

You can swap back and forth between firmware builds if desired, without hiccups.