Issues with directly saving to player/micro SD card

Hi all,

Recently got a Fuze after my e-series player broke down (due to unfortunately dropping it too many times) and like it so far but I’m having some troubles.  When trying to save podcasts directly from my RSS reader over to my microSD card or player, I keep getting an error, “You can’t save here.  Please choose another location”.  Drag and drop works fine so I was wondering if the direct save isssue I’m having is by design or maybe something that I can enable through the settings.


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I found an easy solution for podcasts.  I use Juice , and it aggregates the podcasts to the Windows Media Player library.  I have the client set to delete podcasts beyond variable ages (some are daily, others weekly).

Sending the podcasts to the Fuze is as simple as popping the Sync button in WiMP.

Bob :stuck_out_tongue: 

Thanks for the reply, Bob.  Your expertise on these boards suggests to me that this was a feature left out by design.  I’ve never been a Juice fan so what I’ll start doing is downloading using the “podcasts” function in Winamp, my preferred player.

Winamp should work just fine.  This way, the ID3 tag fields will do the rest, and you can enjoy your favorite podcasts.

Please note that if the Fuze “steals” a podcast playlist, the playlist will show as blank when navigating on the device (but it doesn’t say <empty> .  Your podcast will be in the podcast menu if the ID3 genre field is “podcast”.

When it does that (two of my four podcast lists are “stolen” by the Fuze), the order gets reversed to newest-oldest.

Happy Fuzeing!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

There could be a couple of reasons why your RSS reader won’t save to the microSD card. Your Fuze could be set with a USB mode of MTP or Auto (which on Windows means MTP), and you can’t actually use it as another drive. Or if you’re in MSC mode and use other USB peripherals, the Fuze may pick a different drive letter when you connect it. If its the latter, there is a way to set devices so they always use a specific drive letter.

I noticed when I save podcast & audiobooks to the microSD card, they don’t work the same as if they’re on the device. Its treated as just another song and the option to start where you left off wasn’t there. Its not something I do a lot, so I wouldn’t rule out user error!

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I forgot all about MSC mode, that’s what the issue was.  :dizzy_face: With my e-series player, I always left it in MSC so I forgot all about that.  Anyway, I’m thinking now that transferring podcasts to Winamp is actually a bit more convenient so I’ll stick with that but it’s good to know that there’s a backup plan.  Thanks for the help.

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