Issue With Video, No Longer Recognized By Comp

I use LimeWire to attain my music, so to get it onto my player I pull up the file in ‘My Documents’ and right-click and select send to: sansa fuze. It doesn’t put the music in a folder, but I’ve never had any issues with accessing my music on the device. My problem is the fact that I didn’t have any idea that putting a video on it required a special procedure so I just copied and pasted it into the ‘video’ folder.

It will no longer recognize the device on my computer, when I plug it in the screen pops up saying ‘Connected’ but it doesn’t charge and the little window I have in the corner tells me that I have a high-speed device connected to a non high-speed port and I’m unable to locate it anywhere in my computer. That being said, I’m also a complete novice when it comes to computer.

I’m able to pull it up on a a different computer but, like it has been the entire time I have owned it, none of the files will show up so I’m unable to remove the video file I copied and pasted. Also, the file does not show up ANYWHERE on the device, so I can’t delete it that way. Any help is extremely appreciated, thank you.

“Send to” places the file on the device’s root directory. Unless you have the file on a folder and then use “Send to” on the folder, then you will have it also on a folder on your device.

Music files doesn’t require a software for transferring, not unless they have licenses. Only thing you would have to consider before you send them to your Sansa is that the song files are supported.

Movies and pictures on the other hand needs to go through Sansa Media Converter. This software converts these files to one that is compatible with your Sansa.

“little window I have in the corner tells me that I have a high-speed device connected to a non high-speed port” this would mean you are using an older USB port (USB 1.1). This just means your device can operate much faster if connected to a High Speed USB 2.0 port.

Try switching modes as well (MTP/MSC).

Thank you for that info, it was very informational and wonderful to know for future reference but the whole reason for this post was the fact that I DIDN’T use the Media Converter and I need to know how to fix my problem. Thanks again for the information.

Its not detected on your computer right? What if your switched modes (MTP/MSC)? Or what if you plug the Sansa on a different USB port? I prefer using the back USB port as it gives sufficient power.

Do you have backup copies of your videos, pictures and music or anything inside the device? If yes, you can Format the device and start from scratch. Format is available as an option under your device Settings or can be done on the computer (MSC mode).

Oh wow, that thought didn’t even occur to me, thank you. No it’s not all backed up but I can plug it into a seperate computer and take care of that. I’ll try that and hope it works.

It didn’t work. It’s still not being recognized by my computer. Is there anything else I can do to get it to recognize it?

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Were you able to switch modes?  What is the status of your Sansa’s screen once you connect it to the computer?

Try resetting the Sansa first. Then plug it using Forced MSC.

You can also try the troubleshooting steps found here.