Issue with Ogg files

I replaced my broken Fuze+ with a “Clip Sport” device. 

I mainly use ogg vorbis for audio compression and simply copied my old file collection to the new “Clip Sport” device

and was disappointed by the result.

Some of the problems (like truncating of Artist, Album…) are cited in some other post.

  1. The most annoying difference from other SanDisk music players is, however:

When selection an album the tracks are displayed and hence played in alphabetical order not based on track number.

Upgrading to firmware 1.17 didn’t solve the missing track number ordering for ogg files.

  1. using the “folder” view (which I consider a good feature) didn’t help to play files in right order because there the files seem to be ordered by creation time stamp. - Here ordering alphabetically would really help (since it’s common practice to prefix filename with the tracknumber)

  2. it doesn’t seem to read “Genre” information from ogg vorbis files.

Probably the device doesn’t support “Genre” based seletion at all?

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The genre database field was dropped, to improve other issues on the player.  If the Sport doesn’t meet your needs, you may wish to return it and to purchase a Clip+ or Zip instead.

I found some workaround - not nice - but making the device usuable for my collection of ogg files:

  • first I create the folder structure (which is  <artist>/<album> in most cases)

  • then I copy the ogg files for each target folder in track-number-order.

Then (after having detached device from PC and) using the ‘folder’ navigation the files in each <artist>/<album> folder are displayed in the order in which I’ve copied them.

That way I can play them in natural order.

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Great.  Or, you could just return the Sport and get a Zip or Clip+ and not have the issues ti begin with.   :wink:

Great.  Or, you could just return the Sport and get a Zip or Clip+ and not have the issues to begin with.   :wink: