Issue - Sync Songs to Sansa Fuze 2G

I recently synced an album from Windows Media Player to my Sansa e250 with no problems.  I synced the same album to my daughter’s Fuze 2G (w/ plenty of space available) and the album shows as being in the Fuze w/ all of the songs.  However, when she tries to play that album (or one other album I recently synced for her), it skips through each song on those albums without playing any.  She can play the songs from other albums with no problem.  I deleted these 2 albums, and re-synced.  The same issue continues.  Again, the one album I synced to my old e250 plays fine.  It also plays on WMP.  Has anyone seen this?  Do I have to reformat this Fuze?

Also, it does not shut off like usual.  When she usually shuts it off, it use to give the “confetti” appearance, similar to when you turn it on.  Lately, she has to hold it for 10+ seconds for it to turn off, and the screen just turns black.  Any help with this one would also be appreciated also.


For the sync, my guess is Windows Media Player may have copy-protected the album. Protected from you, the unwary user, so that you can’t copy it to more than one place. It shows the files but it won’t play them because it has tried and convicted you and your daughter of being dreadful digital pirates. Guilty until proven innocent. 

You’ll have to rip the album again without copy protection. Delete (or make a copy elsewhere) your version from the computer because you’ll have to copy the CD again.  Then go into Windows Media Player, find the Rip tab (you may have to change to Full view) and change the settings. Either un-check Add Copy Protection if it is ripping (converting) to .wma files or, my preference,  have it rip to .mp3 instead of .wma. Use good quality, 192 kbps or above. Then rip the CD again.

For the shutoff problem, reinstall the firmware. There’s a sticky near the top of the first forum page about finding which version, etc.

Don’t use the Updater, which won’t reinstall the firmware if it reads that the firmware is current. It can’t tell if the firmware is working or not, just the version.  And there are so few updates that it’s a waste of time to have the updater call home every time you connect the Fuze.

It’s easy to do manually–you just unzip fuzea.bin and drop it into the Fuze drive.