Issue after resetting


I have encounter a strange issue on my new sansa clip zip.

After a “Fat error message” I have performed a format (like recommended in an other topic).

Actually my Sansa clip zip show me a blue screen and now I am unable to perform anything (update or format).

Can you help me ?



Hold power for 30 seconds 

Thank you for your answer, I have tried to press the power for 30 sec, no more blue screen but no more screen.

When I plugged it to my computer windows is unable to detect it

You might try resetting again–some people report needing to hold the on button down for 60 seconds or so.

You also might try, on your computer, going to the Devices and Printers section of the Control Panel and removing the Clip drive (with the Clip not connected), and then starting from scratch with connecting up again–sometimes that will do it.