Is your clip's battery totally drain when you unpacked it?

I bought a 2G clip today. It was totally out of power when I unpacked it. does this mean the battery will drain automatically?

Who knows without testing?  Here’s what I would do:

  1. Fully charge the Clip (4 hours or so, the battery indicator in upper right of display will stop ramping up and the battery image will look solid).
  2. Let the Clip sit a couple days without turning it on and see what the battery indicator shows.  It should continue to look solid (full).

If you don’t want to wait a couple days without using your new Clip you should charge it up and upgrade to the newest firmware.  Why??  With the newest firmware, 01.01.29 (see sticky at top of Clip forum), you can actually get the percentage of battery left by going into Settings… System Info… press the “down” button twice to see the % left on the last line of the display.  You could then check the % before going to bed, turn off the Clip, and check the % remaining again when you wake up (around 8-12 hours later) to see if there is a drain.  If so, exchange the Clip for a new one.

My Clip was also totally discharged when I got it.  I charged it up (took 3 to 4 hours) and haven’t had a problem with it.  I’ve checked the percentage and let it sit for a few days and it’s always been the same as what I’ve left it at.  I’ve had mine for about a month now.

Simply watch it, as noted above.  The intial state of your player simply could be a factor of how long the player was laying around pre-sale, how much it originally was charged, etc. 

Very helpful! thanks a lot guys~~

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