Is this a real Sandisk Sansa MP3 Player?

Is this a real Sandisk Dansa MP3 Player? What features does it have?

No. A prototype that never made it to market I believe.

Or someone’s personal rendition of what a future model would/should lookk like. Kinda like the ones that Apple fans seem to start rumors about.

**bleep**, what a shame. I was told that this is orignally what the Sansa View was supposed to be, and I originally saw it in a picture next to a Sansa Express and a Sansa Connect which really made me think it was real. I would’ve picked this up in a microsecond if it was real… Now I’ll probably look at getting the Sansa Fuze+.

it was originally what the view was suppose to be. sandisk showed it at the IFA trade show in Germany a few years ago. feature wise it was not really going to be a good competitor with other devices in its class so it was scrapped and a different design was released. 

Earlier this year, there actually were a few of these devices on the market.  I spied them for sale while browsing about.  SanDisk made the wise choice in sticking with the current line of devices, much more compact and practical.

If you look at the big View, you’ll note the full size SD slot.  I did like the screen size for video (from the show, there is a YouTube clip of it in operation).

The side controls were interesting too.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I guess in regards to the controls, the whole side thing would’ve been annoying, but I also thought it could’ve been a touchscreen. Has anyone heard anything about a “Sansa Tap?” I thought maybe this was it. I myself, do not use the Sansa base firmware, and haven’t ever since I learned about Rockbox. I appreciate the new features Rockbox gives me, but so far nothing for the Fuze+, so I haven’t jumped ship yet. If I could just find the specs, and hope to see Rockbox on it, in the next couple of months of or so - I would be sold immediately.