Is this a good micro SD card?

Haven’t been here in awhile. Anyway, my brother ran out of space on his Fuze so I figured I’d get him a little gift.\_1\_3?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1250878999&sr=8-3

Thanks for the help. 

Should be good. You might even be a bit more generous and get him 4GB or 8GB .

Before you give it to him, check it in your own computer to make sure a 2GB card has free space around 1.8 GB, just to make sure it’s not a counterfeit–but that can happen with any brand.  It will be less than 2.0 GB because you actually get about 93 percent of the advertised gigabytes due to the difference between binary and decimal notation, as explained here., and because it needs a little bit of space for system files. 

Alright. Which is better then?


They should both be the same card. You’ll have to decide which seller you want to trust. 

Isn’t there a difference between micro SD and SDHC?

@shenanagins1091 wrote:
Isn’t there a difference between micro SD and SDHC?

Yes. The HC stands for “high capacity”. Cards less than 4GB are microSD, and cards between 4GB and 32GB (not yet available) are microSDHC. The next version of the microSD spec (“microSDXC” ) will be 64GB and up.
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Alright, thanks.

Alright, I got him a 4 GB sandisk microSDHC card. Hopefully he enjoys it.

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I should know this but I’ve really never thought about it.  I’m thinking that to go from SD to SDHC there has to be an address line added and to then go to XC yet another address line is needed?  So, what does this mean for your old SD card readers?  Or, is it just a software issue?  Is the support built into Windows for the higher capacity?

Ok starting to get my thinking cap on.  Are the number of contact strips the same for SD, HC, & XC the same? (just about have to be)   If so, then it has to be a matter of how you strobe those lines which would be a software issue.   Part of the initial handshake would have to tell the software what the capacity is then the software would have to react accordingly.

Isn’t the lastest Fuze firmware limited to 32G?  I’m guess a new release would be needed for 64G.