Is there anyway to add music without the Clip Zip automatically adding artist information?

Hello! I have backing tracks I want to add to my player for when I play along to drum tracks (I am a drummer), but when I add them, the player automatically separates them into multiple albums which makes several artists and albums, where I only want one artist called “Drum Backing Tracks.” I tried to make a folder called “Drum Backing Tracks” and manually adding them but it seems it overrided this. Is there a way to have it not do this?

The Clip doesn’t add info. to the files–but as a general matter, it organizes the files, for display purposes, using the files’ already-present ID3 tag info.  To change the organization, just edit the ID3 tags to contain the info. you want, so the files will be organized as you like.

If you don’t have an ID3 tag editor, Internet freeware MP3Tag is a good one.

Mp3tag is free to use right? It doesn’t say anywhere on their website.

You haven’t looked far enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

From the MP3Tag Donation page:

Mp3tag is Freeware - Please consider donating!

I really like the idea of Mp3tag being free and I have no intention at all of commercializing Mp3tag.
Unfortunately, its hosting and development are not cost-free for me. There is a lot of traffic on the Mp3tag servers and the software I’m using for developing Mp3tag isn’t free.

So, I am asking you to download my software, try it, and if you like it and can spare a few bucks, please come back and make a donation. Any amount is appreciated. This money will be used to cover the costs of Mp3tag hosting and development, and it is absolutely voluntary!
You won’t get less support or crippled versions if you don’t.