Is there any trick to stop refreshing music database?

I use Rockbox on my Fuze. But since rockbox doesn’t support USB, it’s necessary to load official firmware to copy music to internal memory. So It would be interesting to know if there is some way exists to stop official firmware refreshing it’s music database? 

I’ve heard it is possible, by making a the MUSIC folder read only- however I would not recommend you do that, it’s probably quite dangerous.

How is the Fuze going to know what you’ve added unless it refreshes?

Did you read my post through carefully? It doesn’t matter to me whether “Official Firmware” would know or not if I added anything to a player, because I’ve been using Rockbox almost from the day I bought my Fuze - “an open source firmware replacement for a growing number of digital audio players”. There is no bothering database refreshing in Rockbox, but it doesn’t support usb yet, so it’s necessary to load Official Firmware for loading music to internal memory.

One other thing which sometimes works for me using rockbox is to remove the fuze without unmounting the drive (in linux), might work for windows too.