Is there a way to remove the back of the sansa fuze?

The older models of sansa were easily removable with screws. Is there a way to remove the back of the sansa fuze? I want to isolate it for customization purposes…

Yes, there’s disassembly instructions for the Fuze complete with photos over on the ABI Forums.

It can be done, but it’s tricky! Some cautions:

  1. Do not pull up the faceplate too far during removal. If the cable is bent too much while in the connector it will crack a trace on the cable. The ribbon cable traces are very thin.

  2. The LCD gasket likes to stick to the glass when lifting the faceplate. Use a small screwdriver to work it free where it sticks. If you continue to lift while sticking, it may cause the LCD to twist excessively and crack.

  3. The LCD is snapped in to the perimeter frame in the base. Pry it out at the side opposite the cable. Be VERY careful not to flex it too much and avoid nicking the glass. You’ll break the LCD otherwise.

  4. When removing the circuit board, lift it at the side opposite the power switch. Tilt it out, and angle the switch out of the slider. If you lift it straight up, you’ll break the tab on the power switch.

  5. Follow the same precautions when assembling. Installing the faceplate cable is very tricky. There is another thread with some tips on getting the cable in, search for it as I won’t repeat it here.

Work slow and careful with steady hands!