is there a way to combine 2 short video files into 1 before running thru smc to fuze?

8gb fuze  

I downloaded a 30 minute dvd with  “any video converter”.

customized .avi movie 

320x240 video size 

512 bitrate

framerate 25 

audio codec mp3

audio bitrate 128

sample rate 44100

channel 2

i have two files per episode and want to know if there’s a way to combine them into one file before i run them thru smc to my fuze. i haven’t been able to find anything on the forum…i tried wording it different ways to pull up info…please direct.

i did run them both thru smc to the fuze and they work well…now im playing around with possibly combining the files and also with trying a slightly different video size


You can combine the VOB files (from a DVD) with VOBMerge. Do this before any conversion. :smiley:

thank you

i did find a merge output button on “any video converter” and so far it works. looks like it combined them in the right order and they are on smc ready to convert to fuze…will edit this post if for some reason it doesn’t fly.

i will also download and work with vobmerge for some more experience.