Is there a separate Sansa Clip+ forum or not?

Hello, just ordered a Sansa Clip+ 8gb player. I have been searching the forum so as to try to find info and not pester members with topics already covered ( ala 15-20 sec. reset,  MTP vs. MSC etc.), but in searching I have come across a few posters who said that this is the Sansa Clip forum, and there was a separte Sansa Clip+ forum. I note that there was recently a forum migration, so my question is have the Sansa Clip/Sansa Clip+ forums been merged or is there a separate Sansa Clip+ forum? Don’t wan’t to piss of Sansa Clip owners if I’m in the wrong forum. :smiley:

There used to be separate forums for the Clip and Clip+. The posts you saw are from before the merge.

Thanks! I assumed that was the case, but some of the posters seemed so , er “passionate” I figured I better be sure. :smileyvery-happy:

The two devices behave very similarly, with the exception of firmware requirements, and the different controls (power button, manual MSC mode method…) and the microSD port, of course.  With the two machines grouped together, it will be important to specify Clip or Clip+.

Bob  :wink: