Is there a limit for the number of files with the same Album title?

I recently bought an 8Gb SDHC for my Fuze, loaded up a folder of 500 songs with the same Album title on the card and, after it had refreshed, only 364 songs were listed under the correct Album on the Fuze, the remaining 146 were listed under the category/album ‘Unknown’.

I’ve tried putting all 500 tracks in the root of the card (no folders), and the same thing occurs.

Fuze’s database must be doing something to split them into different ‘Albums’ on the Fuze itself. Is this a file number issue, in that it can’t tolerate more than a certain number of tracks with the same Album title? Has anyone else come across this before? Is there a solution other than splitting the 500 by giving them two or more albums titles (i.e. Part 1 and Part 2)?

(OK, I know that an album of 500 tracks is rather large, but I’m guessing other people may have built some large personal collections/selections and grouped them together under the ‘album’ tag category, too. Or maybe not…)


No I dont do that. My Large customized collection if 10,000 songs (10% of my collection) and is constantly changing. Now The Fuze cant support that many songs. In your case, I would suggest splitting them up. Make 250 songs “My Album 1” and the other 250 “My Album 2” Then Add both to the go list, if you want to play it all straight thru.

Are you sure it’s not an ID3 tag issue? Normally it is when anything gets dumped in the ‘Unknown’ category.

I’m fairly certain it’s not an ID3 tag issue as I gave them all the same title at the same time, i.e. there are no multiple values under ‘Album’. But, then why would some be turning up in Unknown if there’s no file number limit for an album?

I’ll play around with some tag software later and report back.

Thanks for the replies so far.

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All the info may be identical, but if the tag format is different on some of the songs, your Fuze may not be able to read it hence the ‘Unknown’ distinction.

ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 is the only reliable tag format that Sansas can read at the present. I’d suggest opening up a ‘known’ and an ‘unknown’ file in MP3Tag or other dedicated tagging software and compare the 2 side-by-side. Look for what is different and why one might display properly where the other won’t.