Is there a 320kbps limitation?

I’ve uploaded new podscasts and other MP3’s to my Sansa but it won’t recognize some MP3’s/Podcasts from one particular artist (Markus Schulz).

It looks like my Sansa his a 320KBPS limitation?

All othere I’ve uploaded are 192KBPS.

Suggestions are welcome :smiley:

320kbps should be fine.  You might try wiping out the tunes and then re-transferring them to your player.  Or, if that doesn’t work, open the problematic tunes in freeware MP3Tag ( an ID3 tag editor) and see if you see any issue, such as extra-long tags (including in the Comments field).

Also, the tags should be set to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1 format.  If not, simply set that format within MP3Tag, select/highlight all the files, and then resave. 

And how do I do that?

I’ve downloaded the MP3-tag editor but it all looks normal to me.

The program I downloaded likes completely differend then the page and image you pointed me to.

Edit: Bastards, they showed a Download button for another MP3-tag editor on that page while I should use the Download in the top.

Found what you pointed at, set it and still I do not see those files :cry:


The files have some PODCAST related Tags!

I did not see them first.

Open the file in MP3Tag, then Right-Click-TAGS on the file.

Editting the file it shows:








After removing these they show.

Thanks for the help!

Great–happy it worked!  Another rogue tag situation.