Is the sd card considered a seperate device as far as rhapsody is concerned?

I read that with rhapsody to go you can use up to 3 devices so that other members in your household can share your subscription. If i’m using a clip+ with an sd card, does this count as 2 of those devices? I don’t think it should but since the card does show up as a seperate ‘device’ on playlist/sync pages such as WMP and i’m thinking Rhapsody as well I’m afraid of this possibly being the case.

No, you can have three devices, meaning “portable media devices”, not memory cards.  In fact, you can have as many individuel cards as you like.  The license for your tracks is based on the player itself.

In the Rhapsody client, your expansion card lists below the player. You may store audio or videoo n the card, but the Rhapsody Channels must be stored in the internal memory.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: