Is the Sandisk Media Converter working or not somewhere ?

Finally got an answer from support - but not the right one. In a way to clear the issue i raised, they’re asking if i can run the program on another computer - of course i can. I’m not asking them to debug my system, what i want from support is a lead on where to look in my system so i can solved the issue. I mean, i have no clue what there application is doing at startup to endup with a failing message - if they could tell me what the SMC is doing at startup, i could at least search my system to try to find what’s wrong with it.

Do they have such issue in IPOD’s ???

Issue has been closed at Sandisk :angry: with the answer ‘‘the issue is caused by Winxp Platform - Ask Microsoft for support’’.

What an happy customer i am :angry: now.

Sandisk ping pong to MS, MS ping pong to Sandisk. Guess who’s the ball. I’m done and returning to the store.