Is the Sandisk Clip Voice also a new player

So one picture of it.

While there’s no mention or description of it on the SanDisk website, I was able to ferret out the Support Information page & User Manual via a quick Google search.

It appears to be another new player that looks like all the other newer Clip models (Jam, Sport, Sport Plus), except it it has a more robust voice recording capability. 16GB memory, same 2000 song database as the others (although there is a discrepancy; it also says 4000 songs elsewhere), 8 hr. recording time (per recording), 100 hrs of voice recordings storage, but no FM radio & no wireless/bluetooth earphones.

The Clip Voice is only sold in Israel. It is the same as the Clip Sport Plus but has no Bluetooth and includes voice recording. The mic is on the headphones instead of internal like the older Sansa players. 

Well, that would explain why only Hebrew was listed under Languages. :wink:

Thanks for the info!

Query why there was demand for this permutation, and why it is only available in Israel.  I’m thinking some sort of Biblical connection . . . .

I have bought a few sandisk players on ebay from Israel. Seen you tube videos as well with the Clip Sport. Eli Harrari the former CEO of Sandisk I think was born in Israel.

Maybe there are less recording devices in Israel so there would be more of a market.

Just wondering though if this still records using WAV which I remember was a very bloated format in terms of how much memorty it used.

I would guess WAV so no further programming was needed, but don’t have anything but speculation.

@miikerman wrote:

I would guess WAV so no further programming was needed, but don’t have anything but speculation.

Correct the Clip Voice records in WAV. 

How about a version of the the Clip Voice with a card slot, or else have a version with 32GB built in, and have it distributed wordwide? While have recording capability is nice, most new earphones being made seem to be intended for use with phones and have 4 conductors on the plug. One would need to use an adapter with these to use them with the current Sandisk players except for the Clip Voice, whose jack can accomodate a 4 conductor plug.