Is the m200 series being discontinued?

I decided to get an mp3 player recently. I pretty much decided to get an m250, when a friend told me that the series was discontinued. He pointed to this wikipedia entry: Looking closer then him, the entry seems to say that only the m260 as been discontinued, and can’t even be sure of that, it being wikipedia. The freezing issue does not bother me. I figure that they will figure that one out, but not if it’s discontinued. ( BTW did the freezing problem even hit the m250? I only see m240’s talked about. ) This is the only player that comes close to fitting what I want batterywise ( I don’t think I have to explain to people that I want to be able to carry spare batteries with a fresh charge on me. ), capabilitywise, qualitywise, sizewise, and pricewise. Thanks


Really?  I haven’t been able to find an official statement from SanDisk saying these players are discontinued…

Indeed no official statement on Sansa website
However Sansa releases no more firmware updates to enhance or fix existing bugs so draw your own conclusions…
Especially when you compare their firmware activity on the Clip and View

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There are lots of reasons for that. Most notably because
newer software products tend to have more minor bugs which are more easily found and fixed whereas most older more mature products have fewer harder to fix bugs.

Since I haven’t looked closely at the Clip and the Views history, I cannot say one way or another.

Yeah. The m200 series seems to make a nice niche of new users. I think companies want these niches because if users have good experience with their low end devices, will often stick with a product. The m200 series seems like something that fits the bill nicely. There are arguments, on both sides. So it’s hard to tell from that, butI’m hoping some company guy comes on and answers.

There are other clues - the m240 & m250 are not sold direct by Amazon any longer, only by Amazon third parties at inflated prices.
In another thread there is a story about sending a refurbished item after a significant delay to a buyer.

The m200 players are terrific value but I’m pretty sure they on their way out.

Currently, the m200 is no longer being manufactered by SanDisk. Users will still be able to find this player on some retail shelves and online vendors.