Is the Clip Sport resistant to sweat?

Hello all,

A question before I make a purchase of one of these. I have fried 3 Clip Zips by sweating in the past. I typically attach it to my tank top strap since it’s the most convenient, but get a little bit of sweat in it and it dies. They last about 3-4 months before putting it in a bag full of rice no longer brings it back to life. Overall, very disappointed in these things, but it’s one of the only ones that can run Rockbox.

Am I going to experience the same thing with the Clip Sport, or are they actually sweat resistant this time? I would assume something made for sports would be sweat resistant, but I made this mistake when purchasing the Clip Zip.

I don’t know the answer, but I do wonder:  would one of the ubiquitous silicone cases help with your Clips–have you tried that?

It probably would help, but the idea of buying a cover for something that should be able to withstand sports out of the box somewhat irks me.

Put the player in a small pastic bag, and seal the bag with the earphone cord coming out of it. Using a small rubber band would be good. In rainy weather I keep my player in a small plastic bag in my pocket.

there is no rockbox release for the sport anyway so if you are looking for a rockbox player the sport would not work.

No.  It took me a couple of MP3 players to figure it out.  Sweat (not rain) craps it out.  When my SanDisk Sport Clip (oh, what a moronic oxymoron) goes through  the slow death with various things (freezes, needs reset, etc.), I purchase a new one and return it with the old one in the box.  Voila!  Warranty!  At this point, I am going to purchase an Agpteck that has a silicon, sweatproof case for $25 and hope it works.  I’m tired of the SanDisk.  The old ones were great when they were metal.