Is the Clip detectable by security

in my school
they scan us, and we cannot bring electroncs, idkk why,
but some kids bring in ipod nanos, its they arent detectable by airport security (yes, my school has alot of secutiry)
but anyways
is the click detectable…
i like listening to music while heading to school… its a VERY long boring ride…

If the security scanners detect quantity of metal, my guess is that the Clip contains less metal than the iPod Nano and would therefore make it through.

Can’t you just try it?  Or do they actually confiscate your stuff and not return it to you?

Man, I’m glad I’m not a kid any more.

Yea, they confiscate our stuff…

and then our parents have to go and get them… ONLY on thursdays…

and my mom works…

sso bleh

has anyone tried taking this to an airport or job or something, with the clip in their pockets…

can someone try it?!?!

Give it to one of your friends to bring it through on Wednesday, then if it gets confiscated, have his/her parent pick it up.  :wink:

I’d be *really* surprised if the Clip would be detected … it’s gotta contain less metal than an iPod Nano.  The entire case is plastic.

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Tell it, man, you want to listen to music in classroom!

i maybe i would listen to music in the classroom
but yea, i cant belive nobody has tried going thru security with the clip…
well, hopefully someone would eventually do so, and lets hope he reads this thread.