Is the audio on your Fuze cutting out? I fixed mine...

…and yes, I’m fully aware of ALL of the supposed causes of this problem.  I have done an extensive search on the internet as well as this forum to find answers (headphone plug not in all the way, in too far, etc., etc.) and none of them made my audio cutting out problem any better.  My problem existed with any headset I would use, but was of course worse on my favorite set.

So today I took mine apart to see what was actually causing my issue.  I referred to this to take mine apart:   The first thing I noticed is that the second contact of the headphone jack wasn’t making very good contact.  It is visible on the back side of the board since the jack is open (see the photos at the link I provided to see what I’m talking about).  I just took the smallest micro screwdriver I had (1mm?) and VERY CAREFULLY bent it slightly out towards where the plug would be.

The second thing I noticed is that on the back side of the board, one of the solder joints didn’t have solder on it (didn’t flow through to the back side like it should have on a double-sided pc board), so I soldered it. 

The third and final issue I noticed was that on the top of the headphone jack, 2 of the solder joints looked like cold joints, so I re-soldered them as well. 

I put everything back together and it works fine now- no matter where I put pressure on the headphone plug.  I just wanted to let everyone know that the problem isn’t always the plug not being plugged in far enough or too far.  I have had my 8GB Fuze for just over a year, of course just out of warranty.  SUPER happy I’ve got it fixed and working like new again.

Disclaimer:  I take no responsibility for anyone damaging their fuze doing this kind of repair.  I’m an electronics technician for a living in my 23rd year, so something like this is right up my ally.