Is old firmware available?

I could make playlists on-the-fly of podcasts on my old Clip which I bought last year.  I cannot do this on my new Clip unless I edit each podcasts “genre,” so that it is not called podcast.

Will flashing my new Clip with old firmware cure this?

If yes, where can I find the old firmware?

I don’t know if old fw will help you, but you can get the .17 and .18 fw from Daniel’s site

I replaced the unit and the new one has .01.18A which does allow me to add podcasts to the playlist–however, for some reason I cannot add to the playlist when viewing the podcast in the title format, even when set on add to golist by press and hold.  I can only use press and hold to add to the golist when the podcast is actually playing.  On my old Clip this was not the case…am I not configuring it correctly?

I am very pleased that once again I can add a podcast to the golist without changing its “genre” before adding it to the Clip.  

Thank you for continuing to help me.


I recently bought a new clip with 18A, and before I upgrade to the latest firmware I want to be sure I can reinstall the older firmware. Is the older firmware available anywhere on Sandisk’s sites? I’ve looked but I can’t find it. Is it only available from the individual’s site listed in this thread?

Links to various earlier firmwares are available in the forum here (it’s finding them that can be a bit of a challenge).

So they’re not available on any Sandisk site, only from users and third parties?

Check the upper left corner of this page.  This is a SanDisk site.  The links are from the SanDisk server, so the firmwares are indeed here!

You can substitute the version number (last digits) in the current firmware link, e.g. “18a” in place of “29a”, and you can access the archived version, if you wish.  SanDisk is very helpful in holding the previous versions on their server. 

Having the older builds of the firmware is quite useful in troubleshooting, plus if a feature you liked in the previous build is your cup of tea, it’s still here.

You can, if you wish, download a copy of the firmware (present or earlier) and save it on your hard drive.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: 

Neutron_bob, thanks – but could you clarify please? When you wrote “click the upper left corner of this page,” did you mean to click on the word “Sandisk”? That indeed takes me to the Sandisk site, but when I try to find downloads for the Clip, all I can find are the links to the Updater, which I don’t want. Where do you find the firmware link, instead of the uploader link?

Perhaps I am wrong, I believe he is referring to the search box.  Try a search on the searchware version there.

I believe that he simply was referring you to the SanDisk name, to demonstrate that this is its site and that the firmware found here is maintained by it.

Did you try a search using the search box, on the firmware versions you want?

Download Firmware 1.01.29a
Download Firmware 1.01.20a
Download Firmware 1.01.18a
Download Firmware 1.01.17a

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Thanks Milkerman. I did try searches on the firmware versions, but to no avail. Nothing similar to what you posted came up. Thanks again.

Yes, Thank you Milkerman and everyone else who responded! I am assuming that there are no firmware versions between .20 and .29 Is this correct? Did you post links to all of the Clip firmware? I am going to flash from .18 to .20, hopefully resoling my Golist issue. However am I flashing in a particular way? am I copying a file to the device? Thanks again!

After reading the list of changes and updates added by the 01.01.20a firmware, I have discovered that it lists my problem (adding music tracks, including podcasts at the song level with the center button) as being fixed.

It puzzles me that the new firmware 01.01.29 removes this feature.  Bizarre.  Oh well…perhaps the change is a glitch.

Once again, thank you to Milkerman and other who contributed to this thread.

Glad this could be of help–hard to locate the earlier firmwares here.  (And I don’t recall but–was there a version 23 as well?)