Is My power cord covered in my warranty

my dog chewed on my power cord and it stopped working less than 2 months after i got my Fuze…is this covered in my Warranty???

no if your dog chews something up it will not be covered by the warranty. you will need to buy a new one. you can get one at the sansa store

Or E-Bay and I think too.

The old “my dog ate my homework” ploy never works! :smileyvery-happy:

Check your dog , as he may have a warranty, but this claim may be difficult. 

Apparently, he successfully chewed up the cable.  This means that his chops are functioning as designed.  The warranty most likely covers defects in materials or workmanship.

Now, if the cable were merely bent and covered in slobber, this is a different case.  Check your dog.  Inspect his teeth for proper alignment and sharpness.

A handy test is to hold a slice of bologna or salami, and let your dog have a bite.  The key here is to maintain a grip on this tasty lunchmeat, allowing your dog to make a tear in the morsel for closer inspection.

If the issue does indeed involve a slobbery Sansa cable, check your paperwork, and the sale date of your dog.  He may be old and in need of tooth repairs.  This is, understandably, not covered, since this may be considered reasonable wear and tear.  You may have hope if your dog has an extended warranty or service plan, under which he may be repaired properly, with proper orthodontics or dental implants.

You may be in need of a better cable chomper.  I have seen that the English bulldog is quite skilled at cable destruction, including RG-6 coaxial, and even stainless guy wires in many cases.  I had a bulldog years ago that chewed holes in her aluminium water bowl.  Outstanding work, that was!

Ah, good times.

Here’s a link to the Sansa store cable.  This oneinclude two adaptors, 110v and automotive, from Belkin.

Here’s another one, a Maximo cable, looks pretty nice.

Remember, there are cables available through eBay and Amazon too, just be SURE that the cable is a SanDisk Sansa compatible cable!  The iPod cable looks similar, but it will damage your Sansa; the Apple cables will apply power to the wrong pins, frying your device.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

And if Bob’s warranty tests are inconclusive, smear some peanut butter (smooth variety please) on the roof of said dog’s mouth, sit back and enjoy the show.

It won’t fix the cable issue, but you’ll laugh so hard you won’t care!


Ah, the joys of peanut butter!

I just had a second look at the cables listed above,

checking links to the Sansa Store.

Many have found aftermarket Sansa compatible

cables through varioussources.

The two above have an additional benefit:

The BELKIN cable and dual charger set have a

three year warranty.

The MAXIMO cable has a lifetime warranty.

Backing like that is virtually impossible to find on eBay.

Oh, and this is my cable tester >


Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Wait so it does have warranty or not? I’m confused lol.  Oh… and uh… that’s a nice dog.

@akvuski wrote:
Wait so it does have warranty or not? I’m confused lol.  Oh… and uh… that’s a nice dog.

Nope. New ones cost $3-$5 on amazon. 

@akvuski wrote:
Wait so it does have warranty or not? I’m confused lol.  Oh… and uh… that’s a nice dog.

What? The cord or the dog?

The dog is warrantied to chew on everything in sight, eat you out of house & home, turn your yard into a mine-field, hump your leg (and that of anyone else who comes over) and bring home little house guests to stay.

Oh yeah, and wash your face with his tongue when you scratch his tummy!


What? I’m asking about the cord not the dog, i’m just saying “nice dog” man, can you read?  And uh… thank for the joke it’s not really funny.