Is it possible to shuffle through songs with the thumb wheel?

as opposed to having it toggle the volume?

If you press the 6 o’clock position on the scroll wheel while a song is playing, you’ll get the sub-menu. One of the menu options is Back To Music List. Is this what you’re asking for?

The only Sansa I know of that does that is the Connect.

I press the right side of the thumb wheel and it goes to the next song in the shuffle.  I keep pressing it (quickly and once and it doesn’t change the volume) until I find one I want to listen to it (I just listen to all on shuffle most of the time).

If your songs are on different volume levels then it might seem like you’re changing the volume.  I didn’t do relay gain with some songs (had the Fuze before that was available and didn’t want to bother with it) so I have a 2 disc CD that is louder.  But not that much of a big deal.

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