Is it possible to revert to v1.2.28 firmware?

Hi, Long time Sansa Fuze user…  first time poster.

I love my Sansa Fuze.  I upgraded to the latest firmware, but would like to go back to v1.2.28.  Is this possible?



Yep. 01.02.28

Just curious though, why?

The low volume problem exists in the new firmware version.  I know I can switch between normal and high, but I use the Sansa Fuze in various configurations each day and would like to keep the setting in the older version’s highest normal setting all the time.  It was perfect for earphone and computer listening.  My son also uses the player, so I don’t want him to be able to change the volume higher than the highest normal.  And I don’t want to teach him how to reset the settings (too dangerous because he doesn’t know, or acknowledge, that high volumes can damage his ears).  I hope that makes sense.




Thanks for the link.


You might be interested in this onetoo. :smiley:

Indeed, there’s a silver lining in those EU regulations, usable worldwide:  volume limiting for your children.  With the latest firmware, selecting Europe as your region drops off the “volume” setting from the menu.

Yes, I know, the best way is to actually inform them about hearing loss, and have a listen to their music.  Ever wonder what your parents thought of your own listening tastes as a child or teen?  It’s far better to spend time with your children, rather then the George Orwell version, the “nanny state”.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Tapeworm for the link,

For those who are thinking the same, the first link to the Updater is not necessary.  Just click on the “All Regions” download and follow the instructions just below it.