Is it normal?

I was listening to my sansa when it suddenly shut off on me. Its completely charged and even when I tried to check it on my computer, it won’t connect. Has it died completely or is it something else? I’ve even tried to turn it on normally and it won’t do that either.

Sounds like it’s battery is completely discharged and it’s not getting power in on the cable.

I’d be tempted to ask:  if it won’t power on or connect how do you know it’s fully charged and not fully discharged?

If you hook it up to the PC, even if it’s off it should come on if it’s getting power.

Try this: hook it to another PC if you can, let it sit for an hour at least, then disconnect and see it it turns on.  It could be the cable in which case it would not work on another PC.

Unfortunately it could also be just plain broken…  don’t forget there’s a 1 year warranty…

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That’s happened to me twice now in about 2 months. I believe it is from a bad or corrupt track.
Shuts off. Won’t turn on for a few. Let it sit for a few minutes or so and then it comes back on and acts like nothing happened.

could be heat (temp) related too…  gets warmer as it plays…  can you return/exchange it? u might want to do that. My first one went south after 2 weeks, the newer one is 2 months old and works great