Is it normal to take 30 minutes cleaning up empty directories?

I had about 7 Thapsody channels downloaded on my Fuze. I deleted them and it took 30 minutes with a message saying ‘Cleaning up Empty Directories’. Does it usually take this long? Any suggestions for making it faster?

Not sure what your exact problem is, but it is a known issue that deleting a single song will freeze the player for a minute or two, so its best to delete things using your computer.

I deleted the channels from the rhapsody software and it took 45 minutes to remove the empty directories. This can’t be normal. 

Bump…no one else has this issue? No one else gets the empty directories message?

Maybe no one that uses Rhapsody and has encountered this problem has read your post yet. Have you checked the Sansa e200R (Rhapsody) board and/or the Rhapsody site/forums?

I deleted my Phapsody channels & my Fuze acted as though the channels were still there amd wouldn’t release the memory previously used by the channels. Had to wipe it clean. Deleting the Rhapsody channels & cleaning up is a pain in the Fuze!

Sort of odd no one from Sansa has replied to this post.

Ive noticed that Rhapsody takes a long time to clean up the directories when you delete a channel from the device.

Try doing them one by one .  If you do them all at once, Ive seen Issues where Rhapsody seems to stop “processing”  and the last message is displayed alon time with no activity.

Agreed.  The Rhapsody client has just been updated too, be sure to click on Help > Check For Updates.

Delete one Rhapsody Channel at a time.  I’ve noted that it can give the error message “channel not on device” if more than one is cleared.

With the previous firmware release, the speed of Rhapsody license refresh was improved.

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