Is it normal to refresh db after charging, when no files were added or deleted?

Every time I plug my Fuze in to charge, when I unplug it goes through the refreshing database routine, even if I have not touched any files. It takes several minuts to do this, so it’s not the end of the world, but it is annoying. Is this normal? Is there any way to change this behavior? I have a 4GB with 4GB SD card, BTW.


You are connecting it to your computer to charge, right?  It seems like anytime a data connection is started the rebuild database will happen, even if no transfers take place.

There are a couple options:

  1. Get a USB wall charger.  You can find very inexpensive ones on Amazon/eBay.  This is a handy thing to have anyway since you can use it with any rechargable USB device (phone, PDA, etc.).  I got a kit on eBay that came with a wall charger, car charger and a Sansa data cable for under $10 shipped.
  2. Try only plugging the cable in half way.  The power pins on the USB connection are longer than the data pins, so by plugging in half way you can charge without starting a data connection. 
  3. If you have an old USB hub you aren’t using, you can use it like a wall charger.  Plug in the power to the hub, but don’t connect it to your computer.

If you don’t have a microSD card in and you don’t change any files, it doesn’t usually. I’ve noticed that usually it doe, but sometimes it doesn’t.

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It shouldn’t ‘refresh database’ as part of the normal operations unless something was changed (added or deleted) to the memory. The v1 e200 series players do this on every start-up when a MicroSD card is inserted and it can get annoying. But starting with the v2’s and on to the FUZE, this no longer happens.

Try doing a soft re-set and see if that helps.


How do you do a soft reset?

I have a wall charger on order, so that will eliminate the problem when I charge at home, but I’ll still see it at work (unless I buy a second charger).

thanks for all the responses, folks.

A soft re-set is done by holding the power switch up for approx. 20 seconds until the player turns off. Then restart normally.

This usually is needed (or helps) when  the player gets “a chicken bone caught in it’s craw” and freezes up or stops responding to normal “button-pushing” so it may not help in your case, but it can’t hurt.

What brand of Micro SD card do you have? Is it a SanDisk? Some people have reported problems with other brands (but then there are some people who have had NO problems with these either).

On the Fuze, the DB refresh will occur during if one of the two conditions is met.

1.  The SD card is removed from the player for whatever reason.

2.  ANY write activity on either the Internal Memory or the Micro SD card.

Now you say you did not do any file transfers, but sometimes you might be doing write activity without you knowing about it.  For example, if I even START Winamp while my player is detected, the Winamp files get rewritten by Winamp, and forces a DB refresh.  If I start Rhapsody while the Fuze is connected, Rhapsody updates some of it’s database files located on the device, (such as updating the license information) and again will force a refresh.

So what may be happening is some external application may be causing write activity even if you don’t know it.  For example, your computer may have a setting where it indexes your removable drives and saves that index information on the Fuze.  Thus you get a refresh.  Or, media player 11 may be accessing the device and placing alternate album art thumbnails on the device…same thing.

So next time it happens, you need to see if perhaps you have a background running App that is secretly writing to the Fuze.

If the ONLY thing you are doing is charging, and no apps are accessing the drive, you should NOT get a refresh. 

Another helpful hint is if you are using MSC mode, you can use the safely remove hardware wizard to “disconnect” the data link from Windows.  This will ensure no apps are accessing the drive, but the power connection will still be active and you can still charge.

Just a couple things to think about.

That’s what I meant, sometimes the computer will change things without you knowing. But nevermind, I was wrong, I just checked and it doesn’t every time.