Is a shuffle function possible for videos in next firmware?

I’ve asked this before. I have just over 100 music videos on my Fuze. In order to listen to them, I have to click manually on each song.

I would love a shuffle or even a play all function for the videos.

Any plans for this in future firmware updates? 

Is it even possible to put this function in the next firmware?

Am I the only one that desires this ability?

It would definetely be a good idea to do that. As I also have many videos that I would like for it to automatically do. The next Firmware update will probably not have this new feature because in the next one they will focus it on the Speed of the wheel and faster ways to delete/upload songs. Maybe in the one after that this would be a great new feature!

Good idea!

I guess my question would be, you only have those songs in video form and not as an audio track? It would be cool I have 50 videos on my SD card  and would like to be able to shuffle then when I travel or whatever but Have every one of the songs from video in audio file. So just to listen to I can shuffle my audio. I fear that this Idea may as so many good ideas do exceed the capability of the processor on the fuze. Hope it happens tho

Any chance this can happen SanDisk?  This is a great idea!  I have a ton of music videos on mine also.  I’d also like to see a way to skip to the next video while playing, like you can with Music.

See how old this thread is?

The Fuze is no longer manufactured. It has probably seen its last firmware update long ago. If you want to try a different firmware, go to .