I bought a Sandisk Sansa for myself about a year ago and I loved it.  So, because I was happy with it, I purchased one for my 12 year old daughter.  We went online together and picked out a few dozen songs that she liked and she went on her merry way.  A couple of weeks later, I asked her what she was listening to, she said “some music”.  So, I put on the headphones, and to my astonishment, I hear a rapper singing about how he is hard like a jolly rancher and she can lick him all day long.  After a little exploring, there were several songs with “Explicit” lyrics, which was indicated next to the title (I guess that makes it OK).  Come to find out, the songs came with the player.  I knew that the Rhapsody Channel put new songs every time I hooked up to the computer, but I didn’t realize they were filling the player with pornographic lyrics for my daughter, and as it turns out, her 8 year old cousin (I had to answer a question from my brother about why his daughter was listening to a song about how somebody wants to lick somebody else all over). 

SanDisk should be ashamed of themselves!!!

I will not be purchasing another SanDisk product and frankly I’m wouldn’t be surprised to hear about some litigation from someone who has more free time than I.

your beef is not with sandisk, it is with rhapsody. the songs preloaded on the device are not explicit, however if the rhapsody channels are updated you will get explicit content. i could be wrong but i think there are settings in rhapsody that will prevent the download of explicit content.  

Lol, good times… amusing story.

I would hate to imagine the responsible parent listening to the music first, or limiting access to what his/her child is listening to. I too shove responsibility of what my children are exposed to, on all the companies in todays day and age.

So when I see EXPLICIT next to something, I should assume, by your logic, that this song is full of rainbows, candy, sunshine and smiles right?.. o wait, here’s an idea, keep a better eye on what your kids are listening to and downloading…

Next time someone drops an F-bomb on HBO that your kid is watching… be sure to completely ignore the RATED R with reasons why at the beginning of the movie, and jump all over the Director and the company that produced it… that makes sense… 


I second that sentiment- don’t blame SanDisk for something beyond their control.

Open the Rhapsody client.  Select Manage My Account > (for security, you will be prompted to enter your account password) > Preferences > edit Parental Controls.  Select the BLOCK songs marked Explicit option, and Bob’s your uncle!!

From this point, there will be no colorful metaphors and references to a meat popsicle.

I am all for freedom of expression, but the depravity of the all too common “rap” song makes me fear for humanity.  I must be in the minority, as popular as that stuff is as of late.

Hope this helps.  It’s hard to cover your daughter’s ears, but at least the tool is there to tape a rappers mouth.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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  Select the BLOCK songs marked Explicit option, and Bob’s your uncle!!


you’re my uncle? lol:wink:

LOL      DOH!

Your kids are being exposed to the big bad world and you didn’t bother to poke my head in??

OF COURSE the popular stuff is all going to be ‘wrong’…

(So obviously the child has heard the music somewhere else to like it now…)

yeah its all rhapsody…honestly, thats why i don’t use rhapsody… i just download from things like itunes and napster and remove the DRM to i can do whatever i want to the file.

and yno, yeah the thing about “licking…”  is really discusting… sometimes i wonder what the big point is in letting us kids not be exposed to things that we will be soon.  i mean, yeah at 12 years of age its probly a bad idea.  but if we already know the words and we can be mature about it i don’t see what the big thing is…unless the song is porno like…because thats just discusting

don’t worry about it. when i was 12 i was listening to stuff that would make a lot of people have a heart attack. the stuff they put on those mp3 players really isn’t that bad. i can see where you would feel that it is innapropraite for her to hear of such stuff but believe it or not kids for the past probably 20 years have been growing up very fast. don’t be mad at sandisk, if anyone, be mad at the screwed up american media.

Ok, I have to add this, seeing as how the original poster has stuck their head back outa their shell sence being called out on letting her kid be unsupervised.

Its a tough world, pplz drop the F bomb like water falls from the sky. You wasnt watching ur kid or paying attention when u loaded the player. I use Rhapsody everyday, its songs, if filthy or “explicit”, have the word EXPLICIT next to the “potty mouth” music… Ya slipped up as a parent and now are just looking to point ur finger at some1 other than urself… Get over it

Look at it this way, ur kid got SexEd outa the way early in life… HA!

Just be worried when she comes home with bags of Jolly ranchers from the store… HA HAA!!

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Just be worried when she comes home with bags of Jolly ranchers from the store… HA HAA!!

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What on earth does that mean??  I love jolly ranchers but never heard of them that way