iPhone wired headset drops after 1.5 minutes

Using iPhone 7 with wired headphones through adapter to lightning connector. Starts playing music fine. After 1.5 minutes ALWAYS drops with message that the accessory is not supported with this app. Running newest version of app and iPhone updates all applied.

does the ixpand work if it is connected directly to the lightning port without the adapter and BT headphones are used? If so the adapter and the ixpand may be pulling too much power and iOS may be cutting it off. 

I don’t use it with the iexpand plugged in. I moved music files to the phone and play those with the app.

I assume you are using third party headphone with an adapter? if so do you see the same issue with the iPhone lightning headphones? 

With the apple headset it works with no error. With the adapter and my good headphones it works for ~1.5 minutes when I first open the app and start playing music, then gives the accessory not supported error.

sounds like the accessory is pulling too much power. If the iPhone headphones work you may want to contact the manufacturer of the headphone adapter. 

Yes. We all get free adapters with iPhone or as the Internet likes to call it, dongles. You plug this piece into the Lightning port, then plug the headphone into the dongle. but many people facing problem in adapter