iPhone crash after inserting iXpand

Hi all,

Last year I bought an iXpand drive. When I received it, it worked perfectly well, exactly as expected.

However, after an iOS upgrade (I don’t know which iOS version, probably 10) to my iPhone 6, it has become impossible to use it. When I plug it in the phone, the iXpand is detected and the iXpand Drive app is launched. I select some music to listen to and, after some random time, a few minutes, the whole iOS crashes, forcing a reboot on the iPhone. Just to be clear, it is not the iXpand app crashing, it is the whole iOS.

Has anybody experienced any similar problem? Any ideas on how to fix this issue?



what exact iOS version are you using? Also what version of the iXpand drive app and FW do you have. I would first make sure both iOS and the iXpand App and FW are both up to date. 

Thanks for replying drlucky!

iOS version: 10.3.2

FW version:

iXpand drive app version: 4.4.1



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